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◆ The truth about oil products!

In terms of the current popular channels in the market, almost 90% of the cooking oils on the shelves are almost "chemical oils", not "natural oils" that are traditionally pressed naturally. This is shocking! Almost all of the soybean salad oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, blended oil and various vegetable oils you buy in supermarkets are made by dissolving plant oils with chemical solvents instead of pressing them. What I eat is "chemical oil" instead of "natural oil", because the cost of making oil with chemical solvent extraction is much cheaper.


◆ How to properly consume high-quality fat

Avant-garde medical experts have discovered an unknown big secret-many chronic diseases and even cancer are caused by the fact that the high-quality fats that modern people need every day are not supplemented correctly, so what is the correct daily high-quality fat supplement?

1. 70% saturated fat (coconut oil/MCT/C8)

2. Unsaturated fat 30% (it is recommended to consume more Omega3 to balance the easy intake of excessive Omega6).
​Therefore, for the health of the public, Love Grace has launched a series of high-quality oils to ensure that everyone can maintain their health.

Dr. Zhao Hongcheng

Graduated from National Taiwan University Department of Medicine

Chief Surgeon, National Taiwan University Hospital

Director of Emergency Department, Xinhua Branch of Tainan Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Ananda Maja Cebu Natural Medicine Center Training

American San Diego Wansen Association, Gerson Therapist Training

Chief Physician of Tainan Rafa Nature Clinic

Ananda Majia Yujing Ecological Village Vegetable and Fruit Purification Camp Teacher

Liuheyuan Ecological Life Study Camp Teacher

Dr. Lin Liyin

WHO World Health Organization International Chinese Physician


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